Pu'abi's Headdress Update  

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Sometimes I hate what a perfectionist I am. I worked on one of the components of the headdress last night but I feel like the Indian Glass beads I used look cheap and like a child made it. I'm not sure if I should find some other kind of bead to use or just stick with what I have? I need to decide soon so I don't waste time with the other 2 parts that make up the headdress. Maybe I'll head to AC Moore this weekend to see if they have anything a little more closer to the original.

So anyways, this is how the first part of the headdress looks. This is the 12 leaf piece, the 24 overlapping leaf piece will sit under this piece, and the 12 "willow" leaf piece will sit on top of the bottom two. And I'm getting tired of staring at her bald head so I decided she needs a wig badly. I'm going to mix up something to put in her hair so I can style it and it will harden so it will look more like its sculpted then just a wig... I'm going to cut out and paint the remaining leaves I need for the 24 leaf piece tonight and after the trip to AC Moore this weekend I'll start stringing up the rest of it.

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What a beautiful piece! I have enjoyed looking through your blog :)

September 29, 2009 at 3:02 PM

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