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I know, I haven’t updated this blog in a bit.. I started a new project so hopefully I can get enough steam behind this one to actually finish it in its entirety. I started painting 1:72 model figures again. After I got all of those Eastern Friendly Indians painted I never got around to making them a diorama so they’re still sitting in a box somewhere. Over the weekend at my parents my Dad gave me a nice big wooden box, the kind that really nice sets of silverware come in and I decided that this would be the perfect thing to create my diorama in since I can shut the lid and put it away so I don’t have to have this thing displayed anywhere, I can just pull it out and show it to people and look at it then close it up and put it back.

So I decided instead of using the Indians for this project I wanted to do the Spanish Conquistadors invading the Aztecs so I went on my favorite hobby website and bought the two kits. I picked up the Caesar Miniatures 1:72 Conquistadors set and the Aztec set.

Currently working on the Conquistadors.. I painted 20 of the figures last night, all the clothing is done on them, just gotta go back in and do fine detail work and some shadowing. After I get these 20 painted in their entirety I’ll finish up the rest of them before I start on the Aztecs. Here’s the set I’m working on, sometime this weekend I’ll take a picture of the ones I've done so I can post on here.

Drew Versak - Caesar Miniatures 1:72 Conquistadors

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